Analytics Integration

Analytics Integration

It’s assumed that you have already integrated Unlimint Game Services Checkout via SDK and have set up your Google Analytics account.


We’ve set up a Google Analytics data collection in a test mode inside Unlimint Game Services. After the Beta testing, we’ll release the analytics integration to use with a customer’s tracking ID.

Google Analytics

You can track the following events:

Category Action Description
userAction clickCloseCross Close the form by clicking on the cross (for the modal window mode).
general formClosed The Checkout Form is closed (for the modal window mode).
general hasSavedBankCards The Checkout Form contains user’s saved cards on start.
general noSavedBankCards The Checkout Form does not contain user’s saved cards on start.
userAction clickSaveUserCountry Clicking the Save button after selecting a country on the country selection screen for a payment.
userAction clickCloseButton Clicking the Close button at the bottom of the Checkout Form.
userAction clickOkButton Clicking the OK button at the bottom of the Checkout Form.
userAction clickPayButton Clicking the Pay button at the bottom of the Checkout Form.
general submitPaymentForm Starting the payment proccess after a successful card validation.
userAction setUserCountry The selected country has been changed (in any way).
userAction clickRememberCard Clicking the checkbox Remember.
userAction selectSavedCard A user has selected a saved card.
userAction removeSavedCard A user has started deleting a saved card.
userAction cancelRemovingSavedCard A user has cancelled deleting a saved card.
general submitSavedCardRemove A request to delete a saved card has been submitted (after the 5 second timeout).
userAction clickSupportLink Clicking the Support link.
userAction clickUserAgreementLink Clicking the User Agreement link.
userAction clickToggleCart Clicking the Collapse/Expand a cart toggle (for the mobile view mode).
userAction clickProjectLink Clicking the Project link.
userAction clickTermsOfUseLink Clicking the Terms of use link.
userAction clickPaySuperLink Clicking the PasySuper link.
userAction clickIconSupportLink Clicking the Support icon on the top of the Checkout Form next to the Languages selector.
userAction clickOpenReceiptButton Clicking the Open the receipt page button.
userAction selectPlatform A user has selected the game platform.
userAction useSavedBankCards A user has switched to the saved cards.
userAction useManualBankCardsInput A user has switched to the manual input of a bank card data.
general showActionProcessing The loading screen is being shown.
general showActionResult A screen with a successful or failed result is being shown.
general orderPrimaryInitError An error on the Checkout Form initialisation (i.e. a failure to create the order).
general orderAlreadyProcessed The Checkout Form has failed to load because the order had already been processed.
userAction setPaymentMethod A payment method has been selected (a bank card, QIWI etc.).
general purchaseFailed The payment process has failed.
general checkPaymentAccount Started verifying the bank card number.
general customLocale The Checkout Form has started with a defined locale (set via a token).
userAction setLocale A user has changed a locale.
ecommerce begin_checkout Submitting e-commerce data after the Checkout Form start.
ecommerce purchase Submitting e-commerce data after a successul purchase.

Next steps

After the payment

After a successful payment, you have to fulfil the customer’s purchase. You can use webhooks or the Transactions to accomplish the purchase.

Testing the Checkout

Verify that your integration with Unlimint Game Services Checkout works correctly. Our offered test cards can be used to create payments that produce defined responses for you to test your integration code.

Going live checklist

You can inspect this checklist before going live to ensure you’ve implemented all the significant setup steps.



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