Customizing Checkout

Customizing Checkout

Learn about the different ways you can customize your Checkout.



The Checkout Form is localized for 24 languages.

You can choose the complete set of supported languages for the project and products descriptions on the Project Settings page in your Unlimint Game Services Dashboard.

Prefilling customer data


Boost your payment conversion rate with a payment form pre-filled with your customer’s name and email. To have the payment form prefilled, you can generate a token to encrypt all required information about your customer’s intent to pay.

Displaying VAT in a payment form


Get to know about VAT for e-services of foreign companies.

You can configure your Project Settings to display the total price and VAT in a payment form and receipt.

To show the total price with VAT already included, choose “VAT included in price” on the Project Settings page in your Unlimint Game Services Dashboard. By default, Unlimint Game Services displays a calculated VAT and product price separately in a payment form.

As the example below shows, if the in-game purchase is $10 and you apply “VAT included in price” then the total price will be equal to the same $10 in a payment form. By default, your customers see the total price with added taxes, for example, if the in-game purchase is $10 with VAT 20% then the total price is $12.

Saving payment methods for future

Unlimint Game Services can securely store your customer’s billing address and the payment method data to prefill the Checkout Form with. The customer has to agree for this to happen.

Customizing theme

Unlimint Game Services JS SDK

const paySuper = new PaySuper({
    viewScheme: 'light'

Available options: dark (default), light.

Customizing the colors

Unlimint Game Services JS SDK

const paySuper = new PaySuper({
    viewSchemeConfig: { 
        // headerTextColor overrides the default value of the viewSchemeConfig object
        headerTextColor: '#333333'

Available parameters of viewSchemeConfig

Analytics Integration

Unlimint Game Services JS SDK

Nowadays we set up a Google Analytics data collection in a test mode inside Unlimint Game Services. After the Beta testing, we’ll release the analytics integration to use with a customer’s tracking ID.

Next steps

After the payment

After a successful payment, you have to fulfil the customer’s purchase. You can use webhooks or the Transactions to accomplish the purchase.

Testing the Checkout

Verify that your integration with Unlimint Game Services Checkout works correctly. Our offered test cards can be used to create payments that produce defined responses for you to test your integration code.

Going live checklist

You can inspect this checklist before going live to ensure you’ve implemented all the significant setup steps.



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