Going Live

Unlimint Game Services Checkout integration checklist

When you’re done with Unlimint Game Services Checkout integration and are thinking about going live, we suggest you refer to the points below to check that you’ve covered all the significant steps.

Complete the Company onboarding


Royalty reports and Payouts disabled before the documents in the License Agreement will be signed by both our sides.

1. Click the Activate Live Mode button on Dashboard at the Top menu or Side menu.

2. Fill in all your company details including the Banking info in Company Onboarding.

Note that the currency of the bank account must be the same as the Account Currency for payouts filled in the Banking info.

3. Sign the documents in the License Agreement.

Before confirming your application we manually check each new account to ensure that our platform is attended only by companies who are related to the gaming industry. This allows us to focus on the relevant features and quality for our users.

4. Now, you can enable processing real money within each project after the License Agreement signed:

  • Open your project’s Sales options.
  • Enable processing real money for this project by clicking the Going live toggle switch.

Fill in the info about your Project


Choose the complete set of supported languages for the project and products descriptions on the Project Settings page in your Unlimint Game Services Dashboard. Fill in localised project and products descriptions. These will be listed on the payment form and customer receipt emails.

Prefill the customer data


You can use a token to prefill the Checkout Form with all required information about your customer on the payment initialization.

Fill in the redirect URLs


Check your redirect URLs for a successful or failed payment are added in the Project Setting for the Payment Form.

Customize the Checkout Form

Unlimint Game Services JS SDK

You can add your branding colors to the Checkout Form view scheme.

Fulfill the purchases


You can manually fulfil a purchase. Instead, create a handler for the webhook events and execute your server-side code to fulfil the payment.

Next steps

After the payment

After a successful payment, you have to fulfil the customer’s purchase. You can use webhooks or the Transactions to accomplish the purchase.

Testing the Checkout

Verify that your integration with Unlimint Game Services Checkout works correctly. Our offered test cards can be used to create payments that produce defined responses for you to test your integration code.



Our salespeople are pleasant and friendly. Leave your contact details, and we’ll be back to you in no time.


We are always happy to help with a code, improve a guide or consider a feature.


The Unlimint Game Services Checkout Form, the JS SDK and even the server are available as a source code on our GitHub. You’re welcome to explore the code and help us make Unlimint Game Services even better.

Not a developer?

Our engineers will help you integrate Unlimint Game Services into your existing e-commerce platform, a website or a game in the best possible way. If you want something very special and crazy custom yet don’t have a suitable programmer available nearby - talk to us! We won’t let down a Unlimint Game Services user. We will try to help you in every possible way. We can even hire a programmer for you!