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Quick start

Step 1. Register a Unlimint Game Services Company account

Enable Live Mode when you are ready to start selling

Step 2. Set up a Project

A single project is enough to start selling.

Now you can initiate a simple checkout payment. It’s enough to create a payment order with your Project ID and an acceptable amount and currency.

Enable processing real money within each project

Step 3. Additional sales options

If you want to sell products (as Game keys, Virtual items, Virtual currency) then easily add the necessary sales information about your products to the project.

Step 4. Set up a Checkout Form

Use Checkout to collect one-time payments or to sell products defined in the Project.

Payment initialization with token

You can encrypt details of your customer (such as the user ID, email and others), a game and purchase parameters. When your customer wants to pay for something you redirect them to the Unlimint Game Services-hosted Checkout Form to instantly complete a purchase.

Server-side payment initialization

You can also integrate on a server-side without Unlimint Game Services SJ SDK for other reasons. Checkout Form can be embedded as an iframe or new window.

Client-side payment initialization

The client-side payment initialization lets you accept online payments using only frontend code Unlimint Game Services JS SDK. The Checkout Form can be embedded as an iframe or modal window.

Step 4. After the payment

You can use webhooks or the Transaction log to accomplish the purchase. More details about handling the purchase fulfilment with Unlimint Game Services Checkout are available at After the payment.

Next steps

After the payment

After a successful payment, you have to fulfil the customer’s purchase. You can use webhooks or the Transactions to accomplish the purchase.

Testing the Checkout

Verify that your integration with Unlimint Game Services Checkout works correctly. Our offered test cards can be used to create payments that produce defined responses for you to test your integration code.

Customizing the Checkout

Learn about the different ways you can customize your Checkout.

Enable Live Mode

You can inspect this checklist before going live to ensure you’ve implemented all the significant setup steps.



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The Unlimint Game Services Checkout Form, the JS SDK and even the server are available as a source code on our GitHub. You’re welcome to explore the code and help us make Unlimint Game Services even better.

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