Receiving Payouts

Receiving Payouts

Your customers’ successful payments are stored on your Unlimint Game Services account balance and can be received to your bank account using Payouts.

The payout process is pure. Weekly Unlimint Game Services automatically generates royalty report documents with detailed information about each transaction during a period. Each royalty report is a self-billed invoice. The amount of revenue available for withdrawal will raise after the royalty report accepted.

Unlimint Game Services payouts can be performed in two modes:

  • Every week you can automatically get a formed payout invoice based on one or more royalty reports.
  • In the manual mode, you have to decide for yourself when you want to receive payment from us and create it in the payments section. You can always change the payout mode in the settings.
  • Amount available for withdrawal - the amount of the merchant balance as the difference between the total amount of all received royalty reports and all paid or pending payouts. This amount includes the last week revenue of a confirmed royalty report (if any).
  • Period - the payout period. By default, the royalty report automatically generates based on the successfully received payments during the last 7 days. Learn more
  • Report date - the date of the royalty report confirmation. By default, your royalty report will be automatically confirmed in 5 days. Learn more
  • Payout ID - the unique identifier for the payout.
  • Payment date - the date when the payout amount transferred to the merchant bank account.
  • Amount - the payout amount.
  • Status - the current status of the payout. Learn more

Confirming a royalty report

Unlimint Game Services automatically generates a royalty report based on the successfully received payments during the last 7 days. This report contains detailed information like fees, VAT, license share and so on. The Unlimint Game Services royalty reports have a credible legal basis for receiving an invoice for a payout and making a payment to your bank account.

Once in 7 days, you will be notified in the Dashboard and by email about a new royalty report.

If you confirm this report for 5 days you can proceed with the payout process on the Payouts page. In another case, in 5 days your royalty report will be automatically confirmed.

If you reject the royalty report then Unlimint Game Services will process the disputed report within 5 days and resend for your confirmation.

Before you go

When you are ready to start selling you will need to fill in all your company details in Company Onboarding.

Bank account details for payouts are required when filling in Company Onboarding because it’s used for the royalty report documents.

Note that the currency of the bank account must be the same as the Account Currency for payouts filled in the Banking info.
Accounts can receive payouts in the following settlement currencies: USD, EUR, RUB, GBP.

Payout details and limitations

Once a week you will get an automatically formed payout invoice based on one or more royalty reports. Take a look at reasons when a payout can be blocked for withdrawal or rejected.

Minimum payout amount

To create a payout your Unlimint Game Services account balance must be more than a minimum payout amount.

Currency Minimum payout
USD 100.00 USD
EUR 100.00 EUR
RUB 10000.00 RUB
GBP 100.00 GBP

Payout costs

Please notice there is a fixed service price $25.00 for every payout transaction for all payment methods.

Payout statuses

Status Description
PENDING The payout sent to the merchant bank account.
PAID The merchant received the payout amount in a bank account.
SKIP The payout amount is less than the minimum payout limit. This amount will be included in the next payout.
FAILED The payout rejected by the bank.

Payout failures

There are some reasons when a payout is rejected by your bank. Thus your funds remain in the Unlimint Game Services account. Unlimint Game Services provides you an error message about the failure reason in the Dashboard and by email.

Failure code Description
Account Closed The merchant bank account is closed.
Account Frozen The merchant bank account is frozen.
Account Restricted The merchant account has restrictions receiving payments. For instance, account has the limit of payments per time unit or has another type.
Destination bank invalid The destination bank has incorrect info.
Could not process The bank couldn’t make the transfer, but no further information is available.
Declined The bank has refused to carry out the transfer. In that case, the merchant needs to contact the bank for details.
Insufficient funds Not enough funds on the merchant account to transfer.
Invalid account number The recipient’s account number or transit number is incorrect. This error is the same if the account number is absent from the bank.
Incorrect account holder name The recipient’s name is incorrect.
Invalid currency The destination bank cannot process an incoming payment in the specified currency or the currency of the account differs from the currency of payment.

Next steps

Testing the Checkout

Verify that your integration with Unlimint Game Services Checkout works correctly. Our offered test cards can be used to create payments that produce defined responses for you to test your integration code.

Going live checklist

You can inspect this checklist before going live to ensure you’ve implemented all the significant setup steps.



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